Sunday, March 13, 2011

BK Sunday Dick-Around

Headed out to Brooklyn today for our weekly Window Shoppers/Vietnamese Sandwich Eaters Club meeting.

Hung out with Euvin Weeber from Machina til Matt lazily strolled up in true Californian style.

Super-Secret Vietnamese Sandwich-Maker Place pretending to be a Chinese Restaurant.

Then, we un-wittingly crashed Second Stroke's Grand Opening Party. I think, maybe. I'm not sure. Maybe they just drink champagne everyday. Who knows?

Here's Matt helping himself by rummaging through all of their merchandise/backstock, completely oblivious to the Second Stroke dudes trying to operate a business. Maybe it's a California thing. Also, Matt made the mess on the couch.

The cops don't like it when you race down the street with no helmet.

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